Energy Asset Corporation (EAC) is a growth company acquiring and managing high quality clean and renewable energy producing assets with stable, long-term cash flow.  EAC aligns its interests with those of project developers to reduce cost of project execution, simplify project finance and streamline monetization when a developer is ready to sell its projects.  

Our primary business objective is to grow through future acquisitions of energy projects in the United States and in other stable markets.  We're focused on acquiring a diversified project portfolio of renewable natural gas, solar and wind power generation for both land based and marine applications.

Energy Asset Corporation is creating a world-class clean and renewable energy company, providing liquidity and access to financing for clean and renewable energy project developers facilitating low-carbon energy generation helping to protect the environment.  Commitment to this vision allows us to make a meaningful difference to our partners, shareholders, and to the world we serve.  We do all of this by focusing on building and maintaining a progressive, open, fun and exemplary workplace, applying decisiveness, agility, accountability, and integrity.